Strictly Vanilla Timeline - Add your stories here...

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SO I made this timeline of the server trying to ask the question, "How long does the world last?".

It seems to run as long as possible, only resetting when large changes are made to the game that break command block functions or cause game-ending bugs and corrupted chunks, but on average how long is it? So, while the past won't determine what happens in the future of the game, it at least gives us - regulars and new players alike - a place to start, and to appreciate what exactly we're making every time we log in.

To me, it's like a long, collaborative story...

So, if you have any events you think should be added to the timeline - big battles, outside attacks, notable meta changes, etc - post them here & they may get added. Please, tell me your stories - I'd love to hear them~



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Has anyone got pictures of the various spawns? I think I must have one of the giant tree, which I think must have been 1.11 maybe?? Ill have a look and see what I have

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