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(Warning Team)

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Hello my username is Isabell456 and about a month ago my account was banned

I was banned for using Xray which i will now admit i did use once to get started on the server and since then i have been playing on my alt account Bel456 and i feel that i have become a member of the survival server community and everyone knows of me and has most likely had positive experiances with me.

Should my account be unbanned i would continue to play on my alt which is now my main I would also never use xray again on strickly vanilla and use this account to afk at mob farms and automatic farms which i have built using my other account.

P.S I am aware I will not likely be unbanned but decided to make another appeal just incase.



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Hi. Thanks for the appeal, and I'm glad you're honest with it.

An account used to comment acts against the rules is a permanent ban, when it comes to Xray and hacked clients, and there are no exceptions. 

You are definitely welcome to keep playing on your alt account. :D

Appeal for the account Isabell456 is Denied. 

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