Ban Appeal in a way?? ign: IIRayII

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Hello, I found the server while looking for a genuine vanilla experience however upon logging in was immedietly hit with a screen saying I was already banned and that it was due to Xray. "Xray is not allowed here". I defiently feel xray is cheap and ruins the aspects of the game and am not even aware how I would go about getting xray hacks. Anyways just wanted some help with this weird situation and if there is any questions just reply I suppose I just don't know why it says I am banned before playing haha. IGN- IIRayII



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It appears this account was banned in 2017 under the username LmnF. I don't know if you acquired this account second hand or if you have forgotten since then. But the results are unfortunately the same. And Xray is a permanent offense. We ban accounts here at sv, not players. so regardless of whoever now owns an account, the accounts ban will remain. 

Appeal denied.
However, you are welcome to join us on a different account.

Thanks for taking the time to appeal,

    "uuid": "****",
    "name": "LmnF",
    "created": "2017-11-19 13:37:48 -0500",
    "source": "LordBaconite",
    "expires": "forever",
    "reason": "Xray is not allowed here"

ErkDaJ3rk (Banned)


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Weird coincidence

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