Ban Appeal: Bunsenbaker

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HI!, Today i was banned for xray and i would totally understand why you would think that, but i was actually digging into my underground house, I can assure you that ive never used xray or any kind of cheats, if you would like proof of it being my base ill happily show you screenshots of said base being build.

Thanks! Bunsenbaker



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Appeal received, processing - sorry for the delay, trying to get in touch with the correct staff member.



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sorry for the long reply time, we usally try to review an appeal within 48 hours, But i have been buisy with family stuff.

I was the Mod that had been following you, You we're displaying some behavior that we would call suspicious. Walking straight to bases you didn't have line of sight to etc. When you dug straight into that base that was the last ''evidence'' we needed and we banned you for xraying.

If it was indeed your base please supply us with the evidence and we will review that.

Once again appologies for the long respond time.


With kind regards, Mr_Blue

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