Flyawaysnail Staff Application

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(Warning Team)

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In Game Name: Flyawaysnail

What time zone are you in? Mountain Time (United States)

How long have you been playing MineCraft? I started out on Xbox but switched to Java and I've been playing there for probably 2-3 years. Most of that was singleplayer, but I switched to online multiplayer about a year and a half ago. Total, probably 6-7 years.

How long have you been playing on Strictly Vanilla? I joined SV in the summer of 2019 but I started playing pretty much daily in December 2019 after the server wipe. That was when I really got serious about SV. Now I play there all the time and I probably will for the near future.

Why do you want to be staff? I want to be staff because I love the server and I really want to be more involved. I have a good understanding of the rules, and I want to be a bigger part of SV.

Are you in any major factions? if so what one? I'm not sure if the NZ (Neutral Zone) counts as a major faction, but I am part of that. It's a peaceful group and would not affect my abilities as staff.

Will you abuse any power given to you? No, I would be fair and honest with any power given to me.

What are the rules for players in your own words? The rules for players are to follow the directions in the quiz, as well as listening to the staff. Some rules are less obvious than the main 3 like the entity limits, and rules like those are created and enforced at the staff's discretion.

What are the Rules for staff in your own words? The rules for staff are to follow and enforce the player rules, as well as to act with integrity. They also have obligations to remind/warn people of the rules and report suspicious/toxic players.

Do you agree to be banned if any abuse is found? absolutely

Are you willing to start from the bottom and work way up? Yes, I respect the process and the decisions of mods/admins/owners. I understand that it's important for the staff to trust me, and I hope that I have proven myself so far.

Any other information you would like to provide. I love and respect the server 100%, and I would love the opportunity to join the Warning Team. My favorite thing about this server is the community and I would really like to dive deeper into it.



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I believe Flyawaysnail to be a good fit for staff.  my +1.



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Fly is a good guy, +1 from me (For what its worth :D))



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I believe Flyawaysnail to be a good fit for my staff.  +1.

I also believe Fly would be a good fit for kajmot's staff.  +1


(Warning Team)

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If my opinion counts , ill give fly a +1

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