Sebancraft staff application

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(Warning Team)

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Your In Game Name 


What time zone are you in?


How long have you been playing MineCraft?

I started playing Pocket Edition 2 years ago , and I switched to Java in March 2020

How long have you been playing on Strictly Vanilla?

I started playing between April and May , so about 10 months

Why do you want to be staff?

I want the players to have fun on the server , I want to help new players to become a part of the community

Are you in any major factions? if so what one? 

I am a part of the Exodus from spawn group that has now reached its final goal (the worldborder)

Will you abuse any power given to you? 

No , I want to join the staff team to help the community , not for power

What are the rules for players in your own words? 

1. appropriate chatting (no toxicity , cursing , etc)

2.No disallowed client modifications

- if you are not sure if a modification is allowed , just ask

What are the Rules for staff in your own words? 

- follow the rules

- be always friendly and open

- dont abuse the rank or the ablilities

Do you agree to be banned if any abuse is found?


Are you willing to start from the bottom and work way up?


Any other information you would like to provide.

I hope I can improve both myself and the SV community if I get accepted , and thank you for reading :D



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Seban is very cool, I support this



$15.00 5 0 20

Seban is a good, long term player on SV and a positive influence on the community.  Their application is well written and I believe they would be an asset to the SV team.




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+1 form me, Sebs a good guy, he knows the rules and he always will speak up if someone is misbehaving


(Warning Team)

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+1 I support Seb for staff. He's a great guy and he knows the rules.



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He knows the rules, followes them and is a really nice guy! 

+1 from the Tortoise! :D

Edit: He is also very active!

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