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Jul 10, 19 12:26



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about a year ago i was playing strictly vanilla as i do everyday, or did, and someone lied to me about trading, and greifed me and my 3 other friends base, i was mad at this player and i cursed 3 times if i remember correctly, then i was banned, and every month ive checked in and it sayed i was still perm banned, and i was wondering if i could have an appeal, because it is my belief that for a minor issue such as cursing, a mute, or tempban would be in order, not a full perm ban, if you read this please look over what i have typed and give me your say, thank you


Sep 03, 19 9:51



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Hello there. I'm the staff who banned you. First and foremost, I would like to apologize for taking this long to respond to your appeal.
As for your offenses, you have more than just 3 cursings. You have also been warned multiple times when you used acronyms that contain curse words and substituted cursing. Being a child friendly server where we make the "no cursing" rule as clear as possible, cursing (especially multiple times in a row in a short span) is not a "minor" issue.
If you wish to return, you should be making a sincere appeal that is more apologetic instead of excuses. Until then, your permanent ban stays.

Good day.

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