Player Rules


  • A player must not argue or get involved in heated debates in public chat about the following matters:

    1. Server rules.

    2. Player reports or Player bans.

    3. Anything in relation to Server environment.

  • A player must not discriminate or cause insult or offense to another player in any way.

  • A player may post any Server-related issues on this Forum. This includes:

    1. Server rules.

    2. Player reports or Player bans.

    3. Anything in relation to Server environment.

  • A player must not continuously accuse another player of breaking server rules in chat, regardless of whether the accusation is true or not.

  • A player must not ask a Staff members for items, teleportations, operator status, creative mode, 'fly-mode', or any asset that may be considered unattainable by an ordinary player.

  • A player who claims to be from a community, company, or website, whether jokingly or truthfully, in order to claim rights to the assets listed in the section above will be banned.

  • A player must comply with Staff directions regarding Server Rules, and any other means in which the Staff member reasonably believes will help maintain an orderly Server environment.

                         Any player in violation of this section will be warned, kicked,
                                 or banned depending on the severity of the violation.

   Chat Etiquette

  • A player must chat in English, notwithstanding the occasional foreign word or abbreviated text.

  • A player must not curse in public chat.

  • A player must not use any word in public chat that appear to resemble a curse word, including but not limited to:

    1. Censoring letters with symbols;

    2. Omitting letters;

    3. Adding letters;

    4. Spelling the word in reverse;

    5. Combining the word with another;

    6. Spelling the word in a way that, when spoken phonetically, sounds like the original curse word; or

    7. Any combination of the above or any other procedure that the Staff member reasonably believes to be inappropriate.

  • A player must not play on this Server with an inappropriate username or skin, containing words or attire deemed inappropriate by the rules set forth here.

  • A player must not continuously rage in public chat.

  • A player must not bring up words, phrases or a discussion in public chat, regarding any subject matters that the rules set forth here deem to be non-kid-friendly or could incite heated debates, including but not limited to:

    1. Sexual Matters,

    2. Politics,

    3. Hate Speech,

    4. Religion

  • A player must not spam in public chat, including:

    1. Multiple lines containing full phrases of capital letters.

    2. Full lines of the same letter, number, or symbol.

    3. Multiple lines of the same statement or question.

  • Any player who spams with more than four lines, or major spam, will be permanently banned.

    1. A player must not spam in private chat to annoy other players.

  • A player must not advertise another Server in public chat.

  • A player must not discuss banned players, hacked clients, exploits, Bukkit Servers, or any substantial material related to Servers other than Strictly Vanilla.

                         Any player in violation of this section will be warned, kicked,
                                 or banned depending on the severity of the violation.

   Individual Clients and Players

  • A player must not hack the server. This includes:

    1. flying;

    2. super-jumping;

    3. using an alternative client that provides the player with an alternative gaming environment; or

    4. Using any method that is not normally permitted by the parameters of the server.

  • A player must not exploit Minecraft bugs or glitches to provide him or her with an unjust advantage.

    1. Breaking bedrock;

    2. Duplication;

    3. X-raying; or

    4. ender pearl portal glitching,

    5. Any other methods that are not normally permitted by the established parameters of Minecraft.

  • A Staff Member who reasonably believes that a player is using an X-Ray modification or resource pack, may ban the player by deeming them to be using an X-Ray modification or texture pack.

  • A player must not threaten to extort, crash, or threaten to crash or harm the Server in any way.

                          Any player in violation of this section will be
                                immediately and permanently banned.

  • A player must not use any form of automation via hacked clients or external scripting whilst playing on any of our servers.

    1. Using an object to hold down a key (e.g. Roof Running) is accepted.

  • A player that is suspected of automation will be kicked from the server and the staff will attempt to communicate with the suspected offender.
    If No contact is made, the staff will kick the player again. If communication is not established the player may be banned.

  • Any form of exploitation, glitches, or hacking, scripting will NOT be tolerated. This includes finding ways around limitations set around either spawn or world border.

  • We expect all players to play fairly, and to not use anything that could give an unfair advantage over other rule-abiding members. Anything that is not listed above does not give you the right to do so.


                         Again, any player that exploits anything, or abuses
                         any kind of glitch will be banned. The intention behind
                         the action is what matters, not the wording.
                         Any questions concerning what is mentioned above
                         please post a question on the forms.

                         The rules set forth here are to keep the server free
                         of hackers, to keep public chat child/family friendly,
                         and to keep highly debatable content from cluttering
                         up public chat, remember most players play video
                         games to relax and escape real life for a spell.


   Allowed Modded Clients by server

                        Strictly Vanilla is a 100% vanilla server.
                        We expect our players to play vanilla only,
                        and not use mods at all.
                        If you do need to use mods, look up the
                        ones above, for they are the only ones
                        allowed on the server.

   Staff Guidelines

  • Staff Rules: Staff must abide by all players rules and in addition the following apply.

    1. Staff matters and questions must be posted in the staff only section of the forums, Discord Staff channel, or in private messages if in the server.

    2. Any public arguments between staff members will cause anyone involved to be demoted.

    3. Public staff altercations are not professional in any form.

    4. Staff members are not allowed to use their powers for personal gain, vendetta or any other reason. Any staff member that does will have their status restored to regular member.

    5. Moderators must obey player rules more strictly than regular players are expected.

    6. Under no circumstances should staff act in rude offensive manner or let anger show in public.

    7. If you cannot solve an issue ask another mod or admin to help you.

    8. As mentioned above, staff members must behave in a mild, professional matter. Failure to do so will result in demotion.

    9. Have fun, and play by the rules.

  • Warning team: Gold name

Warning team are here to warn regular members of any rule breaches in chat, or world when seeing them. They have the ability to kick players in case they break the rules.

  • Moderators: Purple name

Moderators are there to enforce rules. They have the ability to view server logs and ban players. Only a limited number can spectate.

  • Administrators : Red name

Administrators, as the name implies, are the operators of the server. None will use their operator powers against players for either personal gain, or any sort of vendetta. Admins are allowed to teleport to whomever they like but they must NOT teleport players to them or to any other players unless strictly needed to.

Creative mode is only used to either fly or to build on spawn.

Admins have to follow the same rules as the other staff; otherwise the privilege will be taken away as quickly as they received it.

As admins of the server; they will NOT give items, or operator status, to any regular, or new, players. If the latter asks constantly, it is a bannable offense. The player will be either kicked or banned. Any “PlanetMinecraft” wannabes who want to get creative mode in order to “take pictures” will be immediately be trolled into thinking they will get it, but will be banned instead.

Admins can promote players to Donor/WT/Mod status with the approval of the server owner.

If any regular or staff members want to report any issues about any players, be it either staff or non-staff, screenshot everything, and report them in a civil matter on the “Report Players” section of the Forums. If you believe you were wrongfully banned, you can appeal for unban on the Forums as well.

If you were banned for flying, hacking, glitching, advertising or any combination thereof, your ban will NOT be lifted.

Game Play

  • Since we are a 100% vanilla server, and we do not have any mods or plugins to reduce lag, we ask our players to keep their creations as lag free and server friendly as possible.

    1. Entity Limit is 300 per loaded area; If you see your entity count go over 300 in any section of your base your need to reduce the amount of entities in that area.

    2. Max Entity Cramming game rule is set to 100. This game rule prevents more than 100 entities from occupying a 1x1 area.

    3. Overworld Gold Farms / Nether Portal Gold Farms are banned from use. All gold farms are to be in the Nether.

    4. Combine your chicken and egg farm. You can easily make a chicken farm that you can switch from collecting cooked/raw chicken to collecting eggs with the flip of a lever, and once you have 20-30 seeders feeding the dispenser you no longer need to breed chickens.

    5. Cow/Sheep farms when you breed babies kill off just as many adults, give your herd room to move around if they are not in semi-auto cooker design. Again 20 - 30 seeders is more than enough to feed/supply a team of players.

    6. Any type of farms where the entities are constantly flapping/bouncing around in water generates lag and are not server friendly designs.

    7. Pulsing redstone clocks cause lag period. There are many alternatives out there depending on your build. Example; Item elevators that use a comparator dispenser system that only pulses when needed to move items, is more server friendly than one that constantly pulses even when not moving items.

    8. Hoppers generate lag. They are continuously searching the space above them for items to grab. One way to combat this is put something with an inventory on top of the hopper such as a dropper (very cheap to make, and I know most of us have tons of cobble laying around) because if the inventory of the container above the hopper is empty it will not search for items to grab. Another way is to use packed ice and water streams, instead of long hopper chains, to transport items.

    9. Hopper Clocks do not cause a lot of lag unless they are on a short timer and firing a bunch of circuits or pistons. You can also put droppers on top of the hoppers in your hopper clocks to save on some lag and lengthen the time on the clock if it is firing a bunch of pistons.

    10. Bud Switches are great for reducing lag on the server they only fire when needed due to the block up date you set it up on, if any of your farms can be converted to BUD's verses clocks that would help also
  • Donation Declaration

Donating to our server means that you accept the following terms and conditions and agree to abide by the rules of the server, which may be changed, updated and/or altered as needed keep to them current and maintained .

If you do not completely agree with these terms, do not donate.

You are donating your money to help with all server costs with the understanding that you will not be receiving any tangible goods or services in exchange for your donation, only trivial in game perks such as colored names or welcome messages.

Your donation does not exempt you from following the server rules or the consequences of not following the server rules.
ie: You are not entitled to a refund of your donation for breaking server rules and getting banned.

No refunds or chargebacks for any reason. If you do not completely accept these terms do not donate.

      Thank you
         SV Staff




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