In addition to our standard rules for the Vanilla and Skyblock servers,
which can be found here, these rules are to provide a friendly environment
on our FTB servers.

As with all of our other servers Raiding, Griefing, and PVP are allowed except in restricted areas such as spawn or mini game areas.
In FTB there are other protected areas such as the shop area, tutorial area, and player claims.

Griefing / Raiding / PVP

Griefing, Raiding, and PVP are allowed outside of protected areas only. There are many powerful items that can be crafted in FTB mod packs, being able to create an item does not give you the right to use any item's power to by-pass protected/claimed areas or initiate pvp inside of protected/claimed areas. This includes but is not limited to: breaking/placing blocks and stealing items where you should not be able to, engaging in pvp where you should not be able to (ie: claims with pvp disabled), moving players while in their claim or server protected areas regardless of distance (ie: using any item to tp them to another dimension or merely a few blocks away), and setting any type of port/tp/home with a command or an item in another players claim without their permission, are all forms of by-passing protections. If you find a way to by-pass any protected/claimed area it is your responsibility to report what you have found to our staff, failure to report this and/or the use of any method to by-pass any protected/claimed area will result in a permanent ban.

In addition, there are other forms of griefing that can also be referred to as harrassment or spam, including but not limited to: spamming TPA requests, spamming in whispers/tells, begging for items, begging someone to let you in/trust you in their claim, loitering around someone's claim that has not /trusted you, or refusing to leave someone's claim when asked. Please remember the golden rule here, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. This type of griefing/harassment/spam will not be tolerated and will result in a ban depending on frequency or refusal to stop.


You are responsible for using GriefPrevention to protect your things, if someone griefs/raids you because you did not protect the area, we can not help/reimburse you. Should your things get griefed/raided while they are protected report this to our staff immediately in-game, on discord, or on the forums. Claiming an area after the grief/raid occurs in-order to procure help/reimbursement from staff will result in a permanent ban.


Don't avoid the afk timer, no afk machines of any sort.

Quarries and AOE mining machines/tools that leave huge holes in the landscape are banned from the overworld. Please go to the mining world using the /mining world or /mw command or go to the Deep Dark Dimension to use such items.

Avoid laggy builds, we reserve the right to remove any problematic builds such as quarries/ mob grinders that do not have auto collection systems and are spewing tons of items on the ground or absurd scrap systems for UU-Matter. These are just a couple of examples, the possibilities are nearly limitless. Basic rule of thumb don't over build, build what is sufficient to supply you/your team the materials needed. Building over the top builds just because you can is a hardship on the server and to all those playing here.

Don't over load your player.dat or any chest inventory. Minecraft has a hard coded limit of 32kb, if you overload this data the only fix is to wipe the associated inventory, no items will be refunded or areas rolled back. IE: Don't disassemble your entire base, put it in your ME, put all of your ME stuff in a chest, and then dolly that chest. This is just one example of many possibilities.

Here are a few tips to help keep server lag to a minimum:

Due to the nature of Minecraft, and especially in the case of Modded versions like Feed the Beast (FTB), lag can be created by the things you build. No one likes battling through lag to break a block or walk from one side of their base to the other. Players can help reduce the lag on the server and to those visiting their base by following a few simple practices.

With FTB mod packs comes the ability to spawn and auto kill just about anything you want, there shouldn't be any reason to have high entity counts. Please keep your entity count as low as possible, anything over 300 in a loaded area will be considered excessive and will be culled by an admin if the player refuses to lower the entity count in that area. Don't overload grinders or animal farms, as soon as you have the materials to do so, make sure item drops are being auto collected into your storage and your grinders have on, off, and autokill features. Turn them off when not in use. We have all experienced entity lag in Vanilla Minecraft, the old 900 zombies in an XP farm problem. In FTB mob farms can get out of hand very quickly. Many of them also require resources to run so running them only when needed helps reduce fuel/energy consumption as well as lag. (Clarification of Entities:- Animals, Villagers, Item Frames, Mobs not being auto killed in a Grinder and the Items on the ground not being collected)

Spread out, since you can claim land to protect your base there is no need to cram everything into a small space. Only those Players you /trust can interact with the stuff inside your claims. (Keyword: Inside your claim. Anything outside of your claim is fair game) IE: Do not cram every machine tied into your AE2 autocrafting into one chunk and then build grinders directly above/below that.

Particle Effects and Lighting Updates!? We all love a cool particle effect from a machine doing something. It looks cool we can all agree, but having too many in one place could lead to a problem with lag for players at or visiting your location. Most machines with these effects cause lighting updates which are a huge source of lag in Minecraft.

Following these few simple pointers can help reduce lag at your base and on the server.


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